Discover Chat 2.0
Checkedefficiency of texting
Checkedfocus of calls
Uncheckeddrawbacks of either

We fuse real-time audio, live transcription, and AI assistance to let you communicate faster, respond in detail, and waste no time waiting.

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We used to speak, laugh, and cry

But now we text, "like", and send emojis. It's slower, inconvenient, and less expressive.

With all the progress in technology and AI, how it happened that we can't just talk in chats?

We reimagine calls, texts and voice messages

By blending voice and text into a single medium.

Live transcript
Watch your words come to life as you talk - anything you say is transcribed and instantly available, word-by-word.
Talk & Text
And it's not just a transcript - it's voice + text, streamed in real time. Listen to chats like a call, without the need for a call.
Read & Replay
Effortlessly catch up on missed moments - every conversation is captured in text and audio for later playback or reading.
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How Actual Chat can help you?
Experience Unmatched Flexibility
Your Way, Always
Choose to listen or read, text or talk. Whatever your preference, we've got it covered.
Jump In Anytime
Start talking right away if you're early, or catch up quickly with the chat history if you arrive late.
Use Anonymity
When this feature is enabled for a given chat, users can join it without revealing their actual accounts. Their voice isn't transmitted either, but live transcription still allows them to communicate in real-time.
Stay Informed
Never feel out of the loop – the chat history is always there, even for spoken conversations.
Boost Clarity
Convey detailed responses or asks quickly. On average, we speak 5x faster than we type on mobile.
Perfect Your Speech
Instant transcription makes you more conscious of your speech clarity, filler word usage, and phrasing.
Elevate Your Conversations
Embrace Inclusivity
Bypass Stress
Calls often come with an unspoken urgency and unknown context. With Actual Chat, you can sidestep the pressures of traditional calls and dive straight into meaningful communication.
Include Everyone
Make your voice conversations accessible for hearing-impaired users or those in loud environments. Dive into real-time voice conversations, even if you can't listen at that very moment.
Where Actual Chat stands out?
At Home
Family chats
Talk to the whole family without bothering them with calls.
Allow both your youngsters and grandparents to use a medium that's universally accessible and comfortable.
Friend, Classmate Chats
Discover the ultimate storytelling platform, ensuring your tone and details are captured both in text and voice.
Experience a fresh way to enhance your verbal communication skills.
At Work
Remote Teams, Onsite Crews
Improve team communication by lowering the barrier for asking.
Deliver detailed responses rapidly: remember, we speak 5x faster than we type.
Boost employee productivity (and happiness!) by replacing many of the endless meetings with actual chats.
Webinars, Online Classes, and Presentations
Use Actual Chat as a side communication channel with any streaming platform.
Amplify audience engagement by turning listeners into active contributors.
Let your attendees ask and address questions while your presentation unfolds.
Customer Support
Sidestep the anxiety associated with traditional calls.
Boost customer satisfaction with no perceived wait times, text+voice responses, and a complete chat history.
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